Fire To Fragrance
Household of David

Household Of David’s Fire Incident; A Testimony Of Fire To Fragrance

On Wednesday, January 31st, 2024 Pastor Sola Osunmakinde, the Senior Pastor at the Household of David (HOD) posed beside the church building and took a picture of himself which he posted on his IG page in anticipation of the Mercy Conference billed to start by 5 pm of the same day.

The caption on the post read “Join us this evening for Mercy Conference 2024!” The comments that poured in showed that everyone eagerly anticipated the conference tagged “The Resurrection”.

Barely three hours later, with the same outfit, Pastor Sola shared another video, this time, within the premises of the church – with everything behind him burnt down.

In the period between him posting the photo and the video, the church premises situated along Surulere Industrial Road in Adeniyi Jones area of Ikeja had been razed and destroyed – nothing spared, not even the new equipment and neatly arranged seats for the conference. It was like the Biblical Elijah fire at Mount Carmel; everything was licked up by the fire.

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“All things work together for good” boldly declared pastor Sola. He also asked everyone not to panic as no life was lost and only the auditorium and offices were affected. Three buildings close to the burnt auditorium were perfectly intact.

As expected, the fiery news spread like wildfire to the members, media, and all over. In a matter of minutes, members converged, and sympathizers gathered, but a miracle began.

When you would expect pastor Sola, the other HOD pastors, and the members around to be sorrowful and depressed about the building, and more importantly the conference, Pastor Sola in bold faith and a calm demeanor announced that the Mercy Conference 2024 would still go on as planned.


This singular move orchestrated a supernatural turn of events, one to literarily turn fire into fragrance.
Messages came pouring in from every corner of the globe, pastor Sola’s minister friends turned up, and members began picking and salvaging valuable items while social media went agog with well wishes and commendations to Pastor Sola and the church.

Pastor Abigail Osunmakinde the matriarch of HOD equally present throughout the ordeal led those around to a celebration declaring in similar faith as her husband “The Resurrection of Jesus, it cannot be stopped”.

Standing there and looking at her lead worship and prayer, you could sense the grace of the ancient prophetess Deborah urging her people on.

Bad things happen to all, the believer should not think he is spared. Jesus had his share, the three Hebrew boys were thrown in the fire, and our father of faith had theirs. What we should know is that through fire, storm, or calamity, we have this faith, that He who has called us is faithful. Jehovah God is the one who makes ALL things work together for good to them who love Him and are called according to His purpose 2 Timothy 1: 12 – 14, and Romans 8: 28


It must be stated here that Pastor Sola never for once liked the idea of holding Mercy Conference 2024 at the Ikeja facility. The church was already in search of a new facility or land towards erecting a new auditorium affectionately called Mercy Seat.

Pastor Sola was so determined to the extent of writing the nearby Agege Stadium and Police College GRA grounds to secure permission for their space to be used for the conference, a pointer to his foresight while he yet never knew a fire accident would occur.

Standing on the mandate of their set man, workers, and members of HOD rallied around. A new venue, High Point Event Centre also within Ikeja was secured for the Day One Opening Night of the conference. Suggestions from Pastor Sola’s fellow pastor friends were instrumental in getting the venue and the next venue used for Day 2 to Day 4 (Daystar Christian Centre at Oregun).

What is important to point out here, is the love and support shown by the church in Nigeria to Pastor Sola. Truly anyone who will see the fruit of friendliness must first show him or herself to be friendly. Secondly, the massive turnout and disposition of HOD workers. They came out in full force, and within three hours, Highpoint was set up for the conference as though nothing had ever happened. HOD workers demonstrated all aspects of the HOD values – I SEE & ACT. Remember, faith calls us to see all things as an opportunity to preach and live the gospel Philippians 1:12.


The Mercy Conference is an annual gathering of thousands of believers from different parts of the world for a life-changing experience through word and worship by anointed ministers of God prayerfully invited to minister. All through the days and sessions of the conference, invited ministers and friends of the house saluted the courage of pastor Sola and the entire HOD. Gifts were given and words of faith for Mercy Seat and the Resurrection power of God on HOD were released.

The grand finale held inside the premises of the Police College, Ikeja, on Sunday, February 4th, with the conference experiencing an unprecedented number of following online and on-site. As always in HOD, the conference ended with testimonies, salvation of souls, celebrations, and shouts of joy.

Since the conference came to an end, HOD has set its sights on Mercy Seat while securing the former Later Rain church facility at Akilo Road for temporary use throughout the Sundays in February.

In all, we have come to see that the death of the old premises had to happen to pave the way for HOD to experience a total resurrection, and indeed, the church is moving from fire to fragrance.


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